The following terms and service will become in full effect post your onboarding call and your acceptance into the community. 


Terms of Service Summary:

Here’s the deal. THE HUMAN GATHERING is one of the most exclusive communities in the world. By joining our community, you will be exposed to confidential information and multiple individuals who are highly influential and (as a consequence) prefer that their confidential information is not revealed to the general public.

This Terms of Service section serves to clarify how each of our community members must conduct themselves, how they must interact with THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) and generally how we do things. Please read it carefully, in its entirety. By purchasing a membership to THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC), you are agreeing to all of the terms herein.

Within 48 hours of securing your THG membership, you will be set up with your on-boarding experience. And you will be granted access to the THG Membership community. This will give you direct access to our founders and any additional information regarding THE HUMAN GATHERING’S Membership and your access to the gathering you are attending.

Notice of Confidential Information Registered members of THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) are hereby required to conduct themselves with the utmost propriety. They must not disclose any confidential information discussed or revealed at THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) to any person who is not a registered member of THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC). In the event of a registered member disclosing confidential information, THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) does hereby reserve the right to eject or otherwise remove said member from THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) at any time and without notice or compensation.


We welcome all service animals and emotional support animals. If a registered member of THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) requires the presence of a pet, arrangements must be made prior to arrival at an alumni gathering or your Ranch Experience. There are no exceptions.


THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) and its affiliates reserve the right to refund any member at any time, at the sole discretion of THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC). Any individual(s) deemed to be disruptive, at the sole discretion of THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) and its affiliates, said disruptive individual(s) may be removed from any and all gatherings (THG LLC) related activities, online properties, websites, social media accounts and any entity THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) and its affiliates choose, digital or otherwise, at any time and without notice. In the event of the removal of said disruptive individual(s), said disruptive individual(s) shall not be entitled to compensation for any travel expense, lost wages or any other damages whatsoever. By purchasing a membership to THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC), you are hereby accepting these terms.


If a member of THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) becomes unable to participate in the THG membership (THG LLC), said member must inform THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) by emailing [email protected] or a currently valid email address in order to adjust said membership.

Members whose requests are sent according to these terms will receive 100% credit to the membership for the following year in the amount paid for said membership. No credits will be given beyond that specific membership cost.

Once you have logged into the Online Membership Portal your membership is non-refundable for any reason. This is due to the nature of information housed in the Online Portal of Membership. All members and other confidential information are accessible via the Online Portal. Once given and accepting access to the Portal you are validating your voluntary willingness to be a part of THE HUMAN GATHERING community and company. No fraud or other claims can be made of your membership.

  • Credit must be used with 12 months of the change request.

Memberships/registrations are non-transferable. Any credits or discounts applied to membership purchase are strictly non-refundable and may not be reused on a future purchase. There will be no credit or transfer granted for any portion of the membership price which is not refunded, such portion will be forfeited.


Please take careful note of the dates and terms outlined in this policy as NO EXCEPTIONS to the policy will be made, regardless of the reason for cancellation. For the avoidance of doubt, THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC) cannot make any exceptions to this cancellation and refund policy even if the cancellation is due to illness or medical issues; family or personal matters; revocation, cancellation, or expiration of the member’s visa; travel bans; deportation; any laws, regulations, orders, or policies concerning immigration and refugee status that may impact the member’s ability to travel; change in the member’s immigration status; scheduling conflicts; travel delays; a force majeure event (including, but not limited to, an act of God, war, terrorist activity, labor dispute, civil unrest, utility outage, etc.); or any other reason whatsoever.


Please be aware that registration in The Human Gathering’s “Online Portal”, as defined by The Human Gathering and our staff only, represents full membership benefits having been delivered. If a member neglects to attend an alumni gathering or use their Ranch Experience, doing so does not constitute a refund. Once a new member creates their portal account, they agree to never attempt a forced refund or chargeback.


THE HUMAN GATHERING and the “member”, you, mutually agree to forbear from making, causing to be made, publishing, ratifying, or endorsing any and all disparaging remarks, derogatory statements, or comments made to any party with respect to either of them. Further, the parties hereto agree to forbear from making any public or non-confidential statement with respect to any claim or complaint against either party without the mutual consent of each of them, to be given in advance of any such statement. This is in relation to membership, member interactions, and or the works of The Human Gathering.


If for any reason a member breaks any of the Terms of Service herein, membership will be terminated without notice and benefits will be revoked. A conference may be held to reinstate membership, but is not required and not guaranteed. All non-disparagement clauses and confidentiality agreed to herein will be in effect regardless of membership status.


For additional protection, we encourage members to purchase travel medical and/or trip cancellation insurance for any membership alumni gatherings or Ranch Experiences. For example, some of the most popular travel insurance providers are Allianz, GeoBlue and Travel Guard. The attendee’s credit card or employer may also provide certain coverage.

To contact THE HUMAN GATHERING (THG LLC), please send an email to [email protected]