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The Human Gathering

We are a Private Community

Human Gathering
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Gathering members are executives and founders from companies including but not limited to:

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Our Storytellers join our community members at the ranch to participate in fireside chats, connect and commune over meals prepared by our private chef. They are never financially compensated but rather join our community due to the influence and magnitude of our members.


The efforts of our community members and Founders have raised well over 10 million dollars for critically important causes. 

These causes have included: Cancer Research, LGBTQ+ Rights, Human Trafficking, Suicide Prevention, Homelessness, Civil Rights, Sustainability and more.

That said, any funds we take-part in raising pale in comparison to the true impact our community quietly makes, behind the scenes.

Giving back is part of our DNA. Each year our community tackles some of the world’s biggest challenges. We call these our “Initiatives”.

We seek no press coverage or attention through social media. We believe charitable works ought to be done quietly and not in a manner designed to attract attention to oneself. And our members like it that way.

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