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The Human Gathering is a network of leaders that are focused on building long-lasting relationships. Each member is dedicated to supporting each other’s ambitions and creating value for the community at large.

“You are only limited
by the limitation of your network
and your imagination.”

Wes Chapman

co-founder of THG


Our Manifesto & what we believe

We believe human beings have more in common than we do different. We believe profitability comes from relationships, not transactions. We believe everyone can get along. We believe being offended is a choice. We believe intentions matter. We believe labels are for food, not human beings. We believe it’s healthy to joke around and laugh together. We believe love is the most powerful thing. We believe hate always comes from beneath.

A private network of incredible humans

As well-known and impressive as the brands below are, we are far more impressed by the goodness of our members behind the brands and their commitment to building authentic relationships. As a member, you will gain access to an unparalleled Rolodex of influential Founders, Executives, Investors, Philanthropists, Attorneys, and Educators from an incredibly wide array of industries - spanning the world’s most historically iconic brands to up-and-coming companies.

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“While members increase profits and relational currency, that is not all The Human Gathering is about. Leaving a mark on the world by creating real solutions, is at the top of this intimate community.”

“A diverse community that is coming together to leave a mark on the world. Creating real human connection through intimate social gatherings.”

“The Human Gathering's impact is far and wide. Creating amazing expereinces for their members and connecting humans in ways no one else can imagine.”

“The Human Gathering’s members are a diverse group of humans from business, ranching, technology, entertainment, philanthropy, the arts, and every other walk of life.”

“The Human Gathering is built to foster authentic conversations between all types of humans. Ensuring that all who are members will leave a mark on the planet.”

“The Human Gathering is a small and curated community that offers a sensational and customized experience for each of its members.”

“The Human Gathering creates an intimate atmosphere that focuses on bonding and real human collaboration.”