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Here is a short message from Lora King


Dear Human Gathering Community Member,

In light of the highly circulated news story about this holiday season being the most expensive on record, The Founders and Members of The Human Gathering have decided to take action. 

Through our ongoing partnership with The Rodney King Foundation and The Descendants Initiative, we are working to provide meals to families in need this holiday season - at a truly impactful scale.

We have the direct support of GoFundMe’s Executive Leadership Team, through an official partnership. Joint press releases with GoFundMe’s C-Level Executives and our community are forthcoming.

In addition, we’re excited to engage with our partner CharityBuzz to provide even more support to this effort.

Further details regarding additional partnerships with powerful talent agencies, large corporations, and media outlets are also forthcoming. We are currently in active conversations with: CAA, Walmart, CMA CGM, United Airlines, and many prominent media outlets like Time Magazine and others.

Over the coming days, you will have the opportunity to participate in all of this.

As stated, this holiday season is slated to be the most expensive on record, regarding food and other holiday supplies. This is largely due to the inflation that The United States is currently experiencing, as well as general supply shortages.

“I can buy that this will be the most expensive Thanksgiving ever, but there’s an income-inequality story here that matters a lot,” said Trey Malone, an agricultural economist at Michigan State University. “The rich are going to be spending more on Thanksgiving than they have ever spent before, but not everyone is going to be able to do that.” - New York Times

Far too many families will go hungry this holiday season. And we can make a massive difference for those families!

This will not only help families in immediate need… It will also shed more light on The Rodney King Foundation, the incredible work Lora King is doing to carry on her father’s legacy, and The Descendants Initiative. The mark Lora is leaving on this world is incredible! And we all get to be a part of that.

There will be several ways that members can get involved in this, including:

- Auction Items: In the coming weeks, we will be bringing our partner CharityBuzz into this. Members will have the opportunity to contribute auction items that will be auctioned off on Charitybuzz's website (the largest charity online auction website in the world). To be clear: Members are never required (in any way whatsoever) to contribute financially to any Initiative. A list of the kinds of things that can be auction items will be provided.

- Social Media Amplification: Along with GoFundMe’s direct support, our Community and Partners will be working to spread the news about this incredible effort, via social media. Members are welcome to share information about this on their social media accounts.

- Talent Acquisition & Promotion: As with all fundraisers, the more people who talk about it the better. Our team is already working on recruiting influencers, athletes, celebrities and thought leaders to help promote this and spread the word. Members are more than welcome to take part in this effort.

- Press Coverage Acquisition: Press Coverage is always key to more people finding out about these kinds of efforts, which leads to more donations and more meals for the families in need. Members have the opportunity to help acquire press coverage, under the direction of our co-founder Joshua Jordison. This work has already begun. Time Magazine and dozens of other prominent publications are expected to cover this. The last time our community participated in this kind of effort with The Rodney King Foundation, we secured press coverage in the following publications: USA Today, The Grio, The Los Angeles Times, Billboard, Los Angeles Daily News, The Root, Spectrum News, BET, Vibe, Essence, The Root, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Sentinel, LAist, Black Enterprise, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC… as well as many other media outlets and publications. 

- Boots on the Ground Volunteering: The Rodney King Foundation is looking for volunteers to help pass out the meals to these families in need. If you happen to be local to the Southern California area, you have the opportunity to participate in that.

In conclusion, we are all so fortunate in this community to be able to provide unforgettable holiday experiences for ourselves and our loved ones. There are those who are far less fortunate. By partnering with GoFundMe and The Rodney King Foundation (as well as many other prominent individuals and entities), our community is able to make an impact that will never be forgotten. And we are so excited to be able to help!

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