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The Human Gathering is a private community. Membership is offered by invitation only. If you have been invited for membership by our Community Members or Founders, one of our Community Managers will provide you with a restricted link to begin your application process. 

If you have not been invited for Membership by our Community Members or Founders and would like to be considered for membership please follow this link to refer yourself or a leader you admire.

To learn more about The Human Gathering please visit our About Us page or our FAQ page.

Press Coverage for The Human Gathering may be found in Forbes Magazine, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other publications. this article from Paper Magazine is a good place to start.


First and foremost, The Human Gathering is not an event. We are a community that is designed to interact and connect at the most authentic and productive level. Our team dedicates hours each and every month to ensure members receive curated connections with other members. There is no “hoping” you may meet the right connections inside of our community. We facilitate that for you.

We are a small, private membership community of well-connected leaders, including some of the most influential Founders, Executives, Scientists, Artists, Thinkers, Investors, Academics and Philanthropists in the world. We are in the hundreds, not the thousands; and, for six years we have intentionally focused on quality over quantity. Since our inception, we have intentionally focused on quality over quantity. If you have been invited to join our community, there are specific reasons why we have reached out to you. If you have found us through your own inherent exploration, it is not a coincidence. 

Each membership lasts for one year. Specific membership benefits include: Access to our private member web portal, Individualized relationship curation, Access to our entire global community of members, Access to an exclusive gathering, and year-round access to the private ranch. Ranch gatherings are intimate and curated gatherings based on your availability. This intimate atmosphere ensures that deep and meaningful connections are made. In these ways and others, our members connect year-round. 

Real things happen in our community. Members find friends, regardless of their stage in life. We collaborate together to quietly change the world. And we grow together in the process.