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Private Ranch, ID

Year Round
Human Gathering Florish
Human Gathering Bar

Welcome to a world of wonder and unmatched majestic beauty. There is nothing quite like the great outdoors of the north.

Deep in Northern Idaho, we have discovered a true sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. The private wonderland is ready to welcome our members year-round. Sprawling hundreds of majestic acres and surrounded by protected wilderness, our oasis serves as a safe place for our members to come together and connect in authentic ways. 

By combining the power of nature with the mission of impacting the globe unheralded, our fall gathering will be a sensational experience our community will remember for years to come.

Exclusive gathering experiences include all meals prepared by our private chef, lodging and transportation. Absolutely everything is taken care of by our thoughtful staff. Members commune not only during the day but during the evenings as well. Each night welcomes campfire conversations and connections, underneath a starlit sky that simply can not be experienced anywhere else.

While our community is comprised of hundreds of members, we never allow more than 15 to 25 people to experience a single gathering. This intimate atmosphere leads to real relationships being formed. We share our greatest dreams, our darkest fears and discover ways to support one another in our greatest passions - the mark we want to leave on the world. 

While some may begin as strangers we all leave as forever friends. We believe there is nothing which can not be accomplished when the right humans come together in an authentic way.

This is the power of The Human Gathering. Those who join us are forever changed. All others must look on in wonder.

Fall Mountain Range
Fall Sneak Peak Flourish


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