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SINCE 2015

Bringing back what community used to mean, for leaders who long to leave a lasting legacy.

The Human Gathering was created for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, to further their ambitions, promote authentic relationships and ensure a lasting legacy – all the while focusing on building up each other… not tearing each other down or being perpetually offended by the views of others.


The Network

Get instant access to a vetted, safe, and international community of professional peers who understand your challenges, your needs, and your ambitions. Here is just a sampling of the humans in our network:

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Joanne Berger-Sweeney

President at Trinity College

Ammos photo

Amos Fodchuk

President - Advanced Learning

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Ellen Cory

VP, Global Enterprise Marriott

Jeff Salazar

Jeff Salazar

Head of Design McKinsey

Eric Spencer

Eric Spencer

CFO Universa Investments

One to one

Curated Connections

Accelerate the timelines of achievement for your personal goals and business endeavors through curated connections and relationships with fellow members, facilitated by our industry first curated protocols.


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Human Platform

Access and leverage our proven infrastructure of systems and resources to maximize authentic connections with fellow members – designed to fit your specific needs and relationship building style.

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Exclusive Access

Our members have access to exclusive in-person gatherings. Additionally, Human Gathering members have monthly meet-ups in many major cities to connect and fast-track business development. Our members are located in every major hub of the United States and beyond. Human Gathering members also have exclusive access to events throughout the year, including expeditions and once-in-a-life-time experiences.