It is hard to put what the Human Gathering is into words.

In fact, since 2015 we have not really been able to find the right ones that encapsulates who we are, what the experience is, and what people get out of it all. 

Our co-founder had an amazing conversation around the campfire a few weeks back with a member that has experienced our in-person gatherings and the word that came out of that conversation was GRACE.

We had this member jump on a call with one of our team members and what was said for over 30 minutes was pure magic.

We are not a community that operates on forced testimonials or leveraging our community members, but we feel this video is something everyone NEEDS. Whether you join us in Malibu or not, this video will add value to your life. 

We have over 12 hours of videos from members sharing their thoughts and feedback on our community, but this one... this one sums things up.

As we know everyone's time is valuable we have trimmed this video down to 12 minutes.