The Application

This application begins a process that has been tested and proven for more than 5 years. It is what has allowed us to create and curate a community filled with incredible people.

Our members are some of the most influential Founders, Executives, Scientists, Artists, Thinkers, Investors, Academics and Philanthropists in the world.

Far more important than their accolades though, is the simple fact that each and every one of our members are first and foremost genuinely good, trustworthy people. We work diligently to preserve the integrity and magic of this community. 

If you are indeed one of us, this application is the key to joining our community.

  • Filling out your application takes about 3 to 5 mins.
  • It will take our team about a week to review your application.
  • Nothing is automated. Not everyone is invited to attend.
  • The Human Gathering is an inclusive, immersive experience.
  • Food, activities, and transportation from the partner hotel and private estate are included in your membership.

Hey this is Josh! Watch my video above to learn a little more about why I want to jump on a call with you. Here are the bullet points about our community.

As part of membership, our members enjoy:

  • Monthly Curated Connections™ that are hand-picked by our team.
  • Access to an all-inclusive, members-only in-person experience at our private ranch.
  • Access to our private community online Portal Website and entire Membership Directory.
  • Dedicated Concierge Service available year-round.

As a result of these member benefits, our members form real, authentic relationships that enrich their lives both professionally and personally. Our Dedicated Concierge ensures that our members gain access to resources they need to overcome any obstacle they may encounter. And we empower our members to make a real impact in the world. Annual dues for membership are $ 5,995.95. These dues cover all costs associated with the above benifits and also enable us to continue the work of the community year over year.