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What is Community? It is something we all seek and want to be a part of. But finding the right community is no easy task, especially during a time of such great division. As our society splits and grows increasingly more tribal, many of us feel unsafe to speak our minds at all. Ultimately, we all want to be a part of a community that makes us feel accepted, safe, and heard. 

The Human Gathering is not an event. We are a community first and foremost. The Human Gathering is a safe place for ambitious humans to come together, regardless of what differences we may have. In our community, everyone gets along. We are not divided by things like politics, race, religion, or anything else. We celebrate our differences, connect on a human level and collaborate to leave a mark for generations to come. 

Over 8 years ago, our Founders envisioned such a community. What began as an annual event has evolved into what The Human Gathering is today. Our members gather together in person at our private ranch, local meet-ups, and digitally as well.

Each month, throughout the year, our team connects our members to each other based on their passions and interests. These “Curated Connections” are not arrived at randomly or via an algorithm. An immense amount of thought goes into every single hand-picked introduction.

Building authentic relationships can be incredibly time-consuming. They are also the most rewarding relationships any person can have. That’s why our team takes care of curating those relationships for our members. In The Human Gathering, our members find friends, collaborators, business partners and so much more. And we all grow, together. 

All of this is possible because our members share one value in common. That value is the simple idea that we, as human beings, ought to strive to treat each other well. Our vetting process ensures this to be the case. It is said that “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch”. In The Human Gathering, our members are all awesome apples! Simply put, our members are down-to-earth, cool people who value integrity and character above all else. 

Building an authentic community filled with such people is not easy. Every last one of our members has gone through our standard vetting process. To learn more and be considered for membership in The Human Gathering, you must go through that same vetting process. To begin, simply fill our standard Application for Membership

Our members connect in multiple ways, both in-person and otherwise.

Throughout the year, our members receive over two dozen calculated and purposeful introductions from our team. These Curated Connections are made by our Founders and Community Curators and are carefully tailored to each member’s specific needs and desires. It is not uncommon for members to find new friends, as well as cofounders for new ventures, investors, partners, and more. Real things happen in our community, every single day.

At the ranch, we share meals together, go on excursions, sit around the fire and engulf ourselves in the quiet bliss of the ranch. We commune with each other over fascinating conversations and activities. We disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and connect with each other, in genuine ways that lead to lifelong friendships and partnerships. With these conversations and connections, we then take action to accomplish what many deem as implausible.   

In summary, we believe that through the right community, nothing is impossible. Our community is incredibly special to all of us - our team, our Founders but most importantly to all of our members. 



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